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Introduction to Air Dampers and Control Valves

Air Damper Modules
  • Air Damper Actuator Sizing
  • Spring and Non-Spring Return Air Dampers Actuators
  • Actuator Control Signals
  • Belimo Actuator Nomenclature
  • Actuator Mounting and Wiring Lab
  • Introduction to Belimo Multi Function Technology

What will I learn?
  • The differences between parallel and opposed blade dampers.
  • How to I size an actuator based on damper torque requirements.
  • The differences between spring return and non-spring return actuators.
  • The differences between control signals available on Belimo actuators.
  • How to select control signals based upon application.
  • How to identify spring and non-spring return actuators from the model number.
  • How to mount and wire spring and non-spring return actuators.
  • How to troubleshoot the mounting and wiring of Belimo actuators.
  • The programming options available on Belimo Multi Function Technology products.

Control Valve Modules

  • 2 & 3-way vaves
  • Valve Sizing and Selection
  • Valve Characteristics and Limitations
  • Valve Types
  • NV and SY Control Valve Actuators

What will I learn?
  • The key differences between 2-way and 3-way valves.
  • The key differences between mixing and diverting systems.
  • How to calculate the Cv rating of valves and how to identify if a valve is suitable for an application based upon its Cv rating.
  • The differences between each valve/flow characteristic.
  • Where to find information pertaining to valve limitations using the available Belimo resources.
  • How to identify valves by type (i.e. Ball valve, Glove valve etc.)
  • The minimum system requirements for installation of the Belimo PICCV.
  • The purpose of the lights and switches within the NV actuator and how to respond to these signals.
  • How to find the supporting technical documentation i.e. wiring and transformer limitations for the SY actuator.

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