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Journeyman Advanced Training Classes

UA of NJ Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Division

Welcome to the United Association of New Jersey Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Division - Journeyman Advanced Training Classes Sign-ups page. On this page you will find a list of classes linked to their description. Below the list of classes, is the Journeyman Advanced Training Course Sign-Up form for the listed courses. Fill out the form completely below and use the dropdown to select the course you wish to attend.

If you have any problems signing up please don’t hesitate to contact us in the Training Center at (732) 264-1174 or by email gmarshalljr@uanj.org.

Introduction to Air Dampers and Control Valves  
Benefit Seminar 
Crane Signal Person 
Defibrillator/ First Aid Certification 
Fujitsu Split System Training
Manitowoc Ice Machines 
Arch Flash 
Oil Burners and Steam Systems  
Oil Pressure Problems  
OSHA 10/30 Certifying Course  
Parker Hannifin Sporlan Valve Corp
R-22 Replacement Blends 
S.T.A.R. Re-certification   
S.T.A.R. Review and Cert  
Service and Operation of Heat Pumps   
Service and Operation of Hydronic Systems  
Liebert Systems  
Turbocor Oil-Less Compressor  
Variable Frequency Drives  
Open Computer Lab/ Shop  
Supermarket Seminar 
Geothermal Accreditation  
R-410A Safety 
Combustion Analysis