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Analysis of Combustion & Efficiencies

Diagnosis of flue gases - basic theory to manufacture's suggested measurements.
  • Controlling Fuel
  • Flame Temperature and dew point
  • Excess air
  • NOx emissions and standards compliance
  • Controlling draft
  • Combustion testing procedures
  • Ensuring safety without jeopardizing efficiency
  • Troubleshooting combustion problems
  • Using test instruments to help locate hear exchanger cracks

Set-up, Service and Safety
Combustion Analysis and Performance

  • Making sure components are functioning together for maximum efficiency and safety
  • Troubleshooting combustion problems
  • Why you should test every combustion appliance
  • Techniques to help you improve the performance of you test equipment

Carbon Monoxide Safety

  • What is CO? How much is too much?
  • When does CO measurement begin?
  • Measuring CO in flue gas
  • Save lives and find more work
  • Understanding CO alarms
  • Documentation and Reporting

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