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Sophisticated refrigeration and climate control systems require technologically skilled technicians.  

Commercial and industrial climate control systems - such as freezers and coolers in a supermarket or the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in a large office building - are technologically advanced machines that require constant calibration and maintenance.  Not only is it essential that this equipment keep working, but the high cost of energy requires that they operate as efficiently as possible.

The HVAC professionals who service these large refrigeration and climate control systems are HVAC and refrigeration technicians who are specialized members of the pipefitters trade.

HVAC and refrigeration service technicians repair and maintain the refrigeration systems in supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores, as well as the industrial heating ventilation and air conditioning systems in office buildings, manufacturing facilities and any other large structure.  We also install and maintain the special climate systems for computer rooms, where a constant cool temperature is necessary to keep sophisticated machines running smoothly.

The systems we work on can be quite large, such as the 600,000-ton centrifugal system that keeps Newark-Liberty International Airport at a comfortable temperature.

Most of the HVAC and refrigeration technician's work is spent repairing and maintaining systems.  The systems we work on are becoming more sophisticated.  Advanced electrical circuits and state-of-the-art software programs control the systems of pipes, valves, furnaces and mechanical compressors that circulate the liquids and gases used for cooling and heating.  For this reason, a growing portion of our technician's time is spent on computers, which control the latest climate control systems.  (Note: HVAC and refrigeration technicians do not install or repair the ducts that circulate the air coming from heating and air conditioning equipment.)

Electric circuitry and physics also are a routine part of our technician's job.  HVAC and refrigeration technicians are experts on how an interior climate is affected by external forces.  We understand the dynamics of airflow and how it can be used to help climate systems work more efficiently to conserve energy costs.  For instance, vents that open and close according to the outside temperature can reduce the workload on air conditioners.  Using our skilled precision in calibrating the equipment that operate these vent systems, HVAC and refrigeration technicians help an office building, retail store and manufacturer save thousands of dollars per month on their electric bill.

Ever-evolving technology constantly challenges the HVAC and refrigeration technicians to hone their knowledge and skills, but to ensure that we will always be in high demand.

We specialize in Heating and Cooling and Cooling Systems.  Below are the areas of jurisdiction that we specialize in:

  • Heating and cooling systems for a variety of industries
  • Electronics and electronic control systems
  • Pneumatic control systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Cold Storage and low temperature systems
  • Schematic drawing and layouts
  • The latest industry standards including safety and health in the workplace
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